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"We see our role as a support for our clients to maximize and take more advantage of their storage and exhibition areas"

An integral solution in commercial and industrial equipment.

TAMEGAL started its activities in 1974. Its first steps were given towards the manufacturing of wire products; its production was directed to assist and satisfy the needs of both, private and state companies in Chile, companies that were related to the areas of appliances, armaments, aeronautics and automotive.

In 1982, the proper application of new techniques together with a good use of its machinery park, allowed Tamegal S.A to create a new division for the manufacturing of its own products in the area of supermarkets, stores and exhibition of products. Thus was born the division Solutions for Retail, which quickly became one of the most important suppliers of the major chains operating in Chile and South America.

In conformity with the demands of our clients, in 1998 it was born the division Systems of Storage. In this area, our quality and product engineering has also allowed us to carry out large storage projects in Chile and in neighbouring countries. Today, this division represents more than 60% of Tamegal business volume, being a leading company in its field for the Chilean market.

As a result of visualising the internationalisation as a necessary way to continue with a sustained growth, in the year 2001 it was initiated a strategy for exportations that started with the license to use ISO 9001: 2000 certification, which allowed Tamegal present before different markets with a level of quality and management that was equal to American and European competitors. Nowadays Tamegal has offices of its own in Lima-Peru and Miami-EEUU, with distributors and representatives in Ecuador, Venezuela and Central America.

A key milestone for the history of our company was achieved in the year 2003 with the purchase of the Chilean company Alfonso Wolf S.A. (Factomet) leader in storage systems and 50 years of history. Thus, TAMEGAL-FACTOMET S.A. was born and there was a consolidation of a successful history and growth.

I understand that the company's business exists in the design and quality of its product as well as in pre and post sales service. In the year 2006 it was originated the division Assembly and Services, specialised unit for the installation of all the solutions of Tamegal-Factomet and its maintenance .

Today, our company located in 9201 Eduardo Frei Montalva Avenue, Quilicura - Santiago, has a plant extending 15.000 m2 , with latest generation machinery, which with a highly qualified staff and vast experience, allow its clients to obtain a solution oriented to their needs. Taking everything into consideration, together with a constant training, innovation and vision of the future within its management, the company gains a wide-ranging capability for response to the changes presented by the market in which it takes place.

I invite you to be familiar with more details regarding our business and everything we can offer in these pages. If you have any questions, please, do not hesitate to contact us.

Gerardo Zamora P.

Chief Executive Officer.